Health · 2016-11-09 · Irvin Sconce

You feel dehydrated when you exercise? Do you feel the need to reach a sports drink to quench the thirst? Well, try some water instead to hydrate yourself.

The body loses a lot of fluid and electrolytes especially during an exercise. According to the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM), "A loss of more than two percent of body water decreases the physical and mental performance, especially in a warm or hot condition." Drinking insufficienyt amounts of water can cause dehydration. The degree of dehydration suffering can be diagnosed by examining the color and the production of urine. According to the ACSM urine should be pale yellow. On the other hand, Dark yellow urine indicates dehydration.

So, there's definitely a reason why we shouls drink water. Here are the specific benefits that you can get from this healthy habit:


Regulate body temperature

Drinking water helps regulate body temperature. Especially in hot temperatures, the body requires more water because it tends to sweat more. With the aging of the person, the body's ability to regulate the temperature start to fail. 


Prevents Palpitation

Not having enough water leads to palpitations. The heart has to work harder to pump blood to all parts of the body. Water helps the circulation of blood throughout the body and normalize the heartbeat. Helps in the easier circulation of oxygen and nutrients.



Prevents muscle cramps

Not having enough water after training leads to seizures. Less water in the muscle tissue can cause seizures. For this reason it is important drinking water and liquid to replace the water lost.

Aid in weight loss

Usually after a workout routine you would feel hungry and begin to eat so much that calories are stacked. Drinking water makes you feel full and the need for more calories decreases. You end up eating less because the body is difficult to distinguish between hunger and thirst. Less water in the body reduces the rate of metabolism. So, to lose weight and maintain a healthy weight is important to drink water after exercise.